Briery Wood Country Hotel

Rachael and Darryl

9th August 2021

On a beautiful, sunny day in August last year, Rachael and Darryl finally got their wish for a full-on wedding with all the trimmings. And what a day it was! Restrictions had been lifted and the couple were able to enjoy a day filled with family, friends and so much fun. After an emotional outdoor ceremony at The Briery Wood Hotel, there was the opportunity for a walk in the fabulous grounds, and a photoshoot, accompanied by the couple’s beloved dog. This proved to be so lovely that we repeated it later in the day, when the air temperature had dropped a little. During the evening reception, local band The Channel Surfers kept the party going, and it brought a tear to my eye to see a full dance-floor and folk gathered and enjoying themselves-something we found hard to envisage would happen again. It was heartwarming that Rachael and Darryl finally got the wedding they’d been dreaming of!

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