Cote How

Laura & Ross

16th June 2021

Ross and Laura had the perfect wedding planned and were waiting eagerly for their big day to arrive. Then Covid struck. After some careful thinking and a lot of sole-searching, the couple decided that they would have their wedding in the summer of 2021- but not as originally planned.

So that no one would be disappointed, Ross and Laura chose to have an intimate wedding at Cote How, near Rydal in the Lake District. The couple’s plan was to tell friends and family once they were married: things turned out slightly differently, thanks to Ross.

It was raining lightly at Cote How on the day of the wedding. But that just added to the atmosphere of the place. Ross, Laura and their three dogs enjoyed a stroll around Cote How’s grounds after the actual ceremony- they’d packed their umbrellas and wellies for exactly that reason- and the muted light gave a stunning twist. Dave from Lakeland Films created a memorable graphic of the day, and Caroline and Sophie from the venue were a great support.

Ross fitted in perfectly in his blue tweed suit with a hint of mustard yellow trim and bow tie to match, and Laura was gorgeous in a fitted lace gown and tiara. The couple were so at ease with each other and with the landscape- it shines out in the photographs!

There was one last surprise: a clandestine meet-up with a few friends and family members in an outdoor venue. With alpacas looking on!

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